Komerční banka

DATE 1995-1996
INVESTOR Komerční banka
LOCATION Na Příkopě, Prague 1


DAM architekti


The building on a distinct corner in the immediate vicinity of the Powder Tower and other exceptional buildings of the city centre was insufficiently presented in its external appearance as the Central Office of the bank Komerční banka. Alteration brought completion of the building with architectonic details corresponding in material and style to the existing building. It was not simply a question of putting the company's mark on the building, but rather contributing to exalting the entire work of architecture to a higher level in terms of both quality and style, while respecting the unquestionable architectural qualities of the bank building. We consider the Central Office to be the main building of Komerční banka as an institution, as the flagship with a pair of masts on the forecastle bordering the ship's name written in gold letters on the bow. The demarcation of other entrances by means of awnings and the spotlighting of routine and ceremonial operation accentuates the communicative and representational qualities of the bank building. The architectonic finishing is designed in materials with refined surfacing (predominantly bronze-plated steel patinated with wax and gilded in places) and to the highest technical standard with which the individual elements, lighting and artistic finish of the building are resolved.